Integration of Condensing Boilers

Gas condensing boilers are the most efficient boilers. They allow up to 30% energy savings compared to conventional boilers, and reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 70%.

Smart Control Systems

Digital energy efficiency improvement tools, based on intelligent controls of energy processes that occur in buildings, make it possible to control energy consumption in real time. Thus, they anticipate consumption peaks and define how energy is consumed in the building in order to reduce costs.

Efficient Heating Systems

Efficient and ecological heating systems will allow us to achieve significant savings in our energy bill.

Electrical Panels Build

Design and development of electrical panels for the automation of public and private buildings. Also low voltage, medium / high voltage installations and any type of industry.

The New Building Intelligence

About Us

Smart Energy Automation, LLC (SEA) is a US company created in 2015, located in the Bronx and dedicated to build Control Panels to manage and visualize all kind of applications such as heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting control, temperature and humidity control, among others.

Why we?


We build custom smart environments adapted to industry 4.0


We have the best technical and human team.


We have qualified technicians with more than 20 years of experience.