About Us


Smart Energy Automation, LLC (SEA) is a US company created in 2015, located in the Bronx and dedicated to build Control Panels to manage and visualize all kind of applications such as heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting control, temperature and humidity control, among others.

What is our proposal?

To the final Customer:

SEA is focused in Savings, Safety, Comfort, and making Management and Control much easier. So far its achievements includes: reaching savings in the range of 35% – 55% in each work, helping to improve safety, succeeding in providing comfort to the users, growing the value of the buildings, providing a strong tool to manage one or several facilities with a centralized system to remotely fix users’ requests or deficiencies of the equipment from anywhere at any time.

To the Professionals (Mechanical, Heating, and Electrical Contractors, Plumbers, Engineers):

SEA suggests a complete innovative product which offers its partners to start a new business line, and differentiate from their competitors. When SEA is involved in a control project prepares an initial and complete operation memory to be approved before the proposal starts to be implemented; makes specific diagrams and layouts as required; coordinates with electricians and mechanicals for them to know where the field elements have to be installed; supervises that everything is done accurately; builds the Control Panel; connects all field elements installed in the facility; makes the commissioning; turn in a complete documentation to the customer.

After the project is done, SEA offers training for maintenance staff and one year of technical support for FREE.

SEA is 100% satisfaction oriented, and offers a control system that works!